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response to Thomas Joseph Brown 2

Tom Brown, you are completely complacent in the lies by Mohamed the psychopath. Claims Eric ran off with $136k of everyone's money, etc... and you sit there and allow that garbage to continue. Why? Because it attacks Eric who you like to attack even if what Techscum says about him is a lie. As long as someone is getting attacked that you don't like, you stand by and let the lies roll on. How holy of you. Wittekind was paid almost $50k recently by Eric Dollard to help pay off the bldg and they are officially purchasing it from him - already been thru the title company run around, etc... yet you still associate with Techscum, you're little pathologically lying pornographer buddy.

Tattle telling should have ended in early elementary school, Tom... you're whining is getting old.

Emailing Jerry Decker, the revolution-green gang, Gary Hendershot...if any of them have any integrity whatsoever, they'll look at the facts - if they're interested in the truth and not your whining. Gary's defense of Techscum included how good Hitler was at financing, etc... but he has never seen that Who is Wad video. for your convenience, the most prolific Jew basher I have ever seen... claims he is a level 98 Jew Fighter and Arch Aether Mage! LOL and Techscum claims Hitler is a Level 99 Arch Wizard or some crap.

You have a bad sense of character, period... pedophiles, racist psychopaths, pornographers, etc... and so does anyone else that associates with those people. It has already been admitted by Sterling and others that quite a few of his associates have known he has been molesting little girls for a while now and none of them spoke up! WOW - all of that is TRUE so is not slander/libel or any form of defamation whatsoever. If you think you have anything to say in their defense, you have been warned.

First of all Tom, you actually don't know the law as well as you think you do. Libel (written is not slander) is a CIVIL matter if it is indeed libel so don't quote this "Criminal Act" nonsense to me claiming remedies are due when you don't even know the difference with such elementary distinctions. You will receive NO remedy because you have NO valid claim. Unless you go to court and a judge finds in your favor, you get no remedy - and any court will laugh at you and turn you down if you don't even know how to communicate a VALID cease and desist first to show that you have tried to solve it amicably outside of the courtroom. You don't seem capable of doing that as is evidence by your little tirades here that you are emailing to everyone. All I have to do is show any judge the facts that you are the one who initiated a slander campaign against me in my forum, but it wouldn't make it that far for obvious reasons. You are acting as an intellectual diode where all you do is claim I'm doing something against you but no possibility of you doing me wrong inside of your mind. I would expect that from a scumbag like Mohamed, but you? It is a disappointment to many people - more than you know. You haven't even shown the ability to fess up to your own misdoings with your own defamatory tirades against me, which were completely unjustified.

What are the FACTS? You sent me private messages demanding that I remove some of Eric's posts but you never even told me who you were, where the posts were at, etc... any anonymous message like that will not be acted upon because I get them all the time from people who are too insecure to sign their real name. Had you told me who you were, I would have asked David Webster who was posting for Eric at that time to edit the posts...not because it is you Tom Brown, but because it would have been someone who was interested in actually communicated with me person to person instead of hiding behind some pseudonym that nobody has heard of. You claimed I knew what the posts were because I followed all of it, but you are WRONG. Why? At the time, I didn't understand any of Eric's work because the Four Quadrant paper from Borderland, etc. that I read - I didn't understand it so in my mind, I wouldn't understand what Eric was trying to teach so I NEVER read his thread back then. I wouldn't have understood it and with the amount of content in my forum, there is no way I can keep up on it all. I focused mostly on my own work, experiments, open sourcing what I could, etc... Eric happened to choose my forum as the place where he wanted to post his work and I was thrilled because so many people like Peter and you, etc... all spoke highly of his work.

You accused me of all kinds of things, called me names, posted libelous accusations against me, etc... and you wonder why you were banned from posting any more? You are complaining about someone else doing what you in fact were doing yourself to me! What is that kind of person called?

Here is the string of emails you sent me: Thomas Joseph Brown
We can see who has a level head and sees things as they are and how you are twisting and contorting the facts to meet whatever distorted illusion you are choosing to suffer from.

You admitted, "I thought I had actually signed that message, so I forgot."

So the whole time that you were getting outraged that I didn't just bend over backwards and start deleting Eric's posts at the snap of your finger, you had it made up in your mind that you had signed the message and that I knew it was you! You admitted that you thought you signed the message. But instead of acting with integrity and apologizing to me for overreacting, calling me names, posting defamatory messages in the forum against me, etc... you simply claim I have an answer for everything.

Thought you still would have checked. You have an answer for everything to avoid responsibility, don't you."

Here is where the inconsistency comes in... and reveals the mind of a liar... If you thought you signed the message, then in your mind you would have been speaking from the frame of reference that I knew who you were.

However.... "Thought you still would have checked." - Ummmmm.... You thought I STILL WOULD HAVE CHECKED??? Explain how you STILL thought I would have checked IF you thought I knew it was you... there is no STILL too it because to STILL thought I would have checked means that you knew at the time that you would have believed I actually didn't know who you were. You are essentially stating that SIMULTANEOUSLY you thought you signed it and thought I knew it was you yet knowing that I didn't know it was you, you thought I would STILL check? LOL - that is beyond ludicrous and shows your intrinsic disingenuous nature. You have demonstrated yourself to be someone that does not operate with integrity even though to the public you try to act like some warrior for truth, but you can't even get your lies straight that you post about me. You are suffering from some serious cognitive dissonance - all stirred up for some reason. You thought you signed it therefore thought I knew it was you, yet you somehow STILL thought I would check meaning at that time you realized I didn't know it was you? Which one is it Tom? You are suffering from the same inability to maintain continuity of thought in the same way that the pathological liar Techscum suffers.

Aaron Murakami

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