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response to Thomas Joseph Brown 1

Here is my response filled with FACTS, documented evidence on links in archives, etc... emails he sent, etc... many items that he is incapable of dealing with..




Tom, you don't have the courage to watch the second one and admit what is in it. I see you griped about pornography in some youtube post, but your buddy techscumbie is a cartoon pornographer showing a girl from his highschool getting raped...same girl on his motorcycle, but he drew up all the comic books...raped by large Muslims... and one is reading the Quran while the other one rapes her. PROOF - WARNING CONTAINS TECHZOMBIE'S PORN: Ray Savant Techzombie's Porn - Album on Imgur

@All, Tom Brown's buddy Techzombie (Ray Savant aka Rayam Azab Youssef aka Mohamed Youssef) of Aether FARCE is not only a pathological liar, but is a psychopath, avid racist and a pornographer. Tom Brown knows all of this, gripes about porn in youtube comments, but hides the fact that his own buddy is a pornographer. Hypocrite?

Art by Techzombie: 2 pictures of Roxy on there.

Motorcycle Info Pages - Featured R1200GS's > Crazy Pink R1200GSA

"This is my R1200GS Adventure, she has many names. 'Roxy' when she is bad, the moniker I gave to a character I created and now serves as the female representation of the bike. 'Noones' when she is a good girl, the dominant nickname of our deceased mutt Heidi, who we loved very much." Ray Savant (Techzombie)

Post below is Maldoror - another one of Ray Savant's (Techzombie / Mohamed Youssef) nicknames...

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Topic: Comment on Page 21
Posted: 06 Jun 2006 at 12:16pm Page 21 - Quran This is where we learn just how hardcore a muslim Mac really is. This scene might be highly offensive to some people, especially muslims. Mac angry at Ras's request to have vaginal intercourse with Roxy seeks to paint a clear picture for Ras of the war they are in and that their struggle to maintain their identities and purity through this war is paramount. He does this by first having Roxy tell Ras how her parents, rich whites view blacks and muslims. Her answers while true still infuriate Mac and he takes out his frustration on her ass hole, busting deep into her until she screams in intense pain.
Ras still confused asks what the still severe racial inequality of the USA has to do with him wanting to **** her. Mac makes it all clear. First by quoting from the Holy Book of Islam, the Quran. The quote he reads speaks of how Muslims must fight for their purity and not associate with the infidels. Mac makes it clear that he views vaginal intercourse as an equal association with the infidels but anal as "OK" His reasoning is that children cannot be made via this method and we can glean that because of the demeaning nature of it to the receiver it further purifies the action of anal intercourse.
He makes very clear that to mingle with "the enemy" as one of them in anyway is to lose your identity and Ras's statement that he is not Muslims affirms this. Mac makes sure to remind him of his Muslim name and that him being black and Muslim makes him the worst thing for white america. He then asks him to make his choice ala the Matrix Movies.
The real Mac did indeed share this view and bragged that he never had vaginal sex with a white woman after he became muslim, instead going straight to oral and anal sex. He was very proud of this and especially proud of how he conditioned Roxy to like this kind of sex. Notice that she cums as he stuffs his cock completely into her guts. He did this to her many times and she grew to crave it immensely. So much so that she was most well known for her love of anal sex. It is a little known thing that among blacks anal sex is seen as more accepted than among whites. Roxy clearly adopted this social mandate and he bragged that everyone of his friends hit her ass and that he made sure all his muslim associates adopted his creed with his white girls. Reality can be stranger than fiction.

The master of controversey


1. I removed Mohamed Youssef (Techz of Aether Force) because he is a self-proclaimed Jew Fighter, claims that Adolf Hitler is the greatest man of the last century, etc... PROOF - in the 2nd zip file, but from how you acted so far, I don't think you have the courage or integrity to look at it unbiased. That is who you have been supporting! You've done nothing but make excuses for his pink motorcycle with porn that actually represents an underaged girl from his highschool that was raped and sodomized "willfully".... and you haven't seen anything yet. That 2nd zip in that link shows supporting documents, etc... that your buddy Mohamed is the most prolific Adolf Hitler loving Jew hater that you have ever seen in your life but you proudly befriend him with your arm around his shoulder as you both slander all of us. And Michael Theroux did an interview with that piece of gutter trash. WOW

2. I removed Sterling Allan because he is a pedophile - a self-proclaimed one at that who claims he is the Heavenly Father in the Flesh. until 5:00 - look around the net, Sterling exposed himself on Peswiki admitting he may be serving time in jail because of molesting a lot of little girls. And it was all his part in fulfilling his role as the Heavenly Father in the Flesh.

3. I'll leave Michael Theroux because I do know who he is and at the moment don't have a reason to dislike or distrust him and he knows all of you. Evidently, you have been lying about me to him and everything else and Michael doesn't actually know what kind of lies you have been spreading and games you're playing. I saw he did an interview with Techscum, but doesn't know who he really is. Everyone that associates with that piece of gutter trash will regret it later.

6. I'll leave Peter's email in - he is the only one who had the decency out of all of this not to say anything bad about anyone even though it was YOU that spoke quite a few defamatory statements against him throughout all of this. This is just keeping him in the loop, but I'd actually rather not bother him with this garbage because he is too busy actually being productive with his life and not trying to start a battle with everyone that comes along.
Aaron Murakami

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