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Thomas Joseph Brown

Tom Brown wants to comment here, but I will not approve another membership because of the trouble he caused here before. I told him he can email me his rebuttal and post it - I will post the rest of the emails to document the delusional state of mind that he is suffering from.


Mr Murikami,

I couldn't help but notice that you have posted some incredible lies, slander and distortions about myself and my family on your energetic forum. This is actually a criminal act on your part and must be remedied immediately.

Thomas Joseph Brown Arrested for Tax Evasion in New Zealand? (BTW I was never arrested for tax evasion. The article you posted and misquoted was scanned and put online by myself, I have nothing to hide.)

To be kind I'll suggest that perhaps you have been misled by veteran liar and slanderer Eric Dollard and got all overexcited like you tend to do.

It is only fair and honorable that you either take that material down immediately or allow me to respond therein. I have signed up in my name on your energetic forum but have yet to be approved. I hope you are not censoring me (like you have in the past) so that you can broadcast false information for some unfathomable reasons known only to yourself.

Please show you are capable of acting in honor at least some of the time and either take all that slanderous material down immediately or allow me to respond so that readers may know the facts of the matter rather than insane distortions and falsehoods made up by yourself and the mentally unstable Dollard. What good is free energy research promoted with dishonor?

I'm not sure what you think you are getting out of this, but I know for a fact that people are turning away from your projects because you are wasting vast amounts of your time on malicious ad hominems everyone knows to be false. There is a world outside your head. People think you are losing the plot, and it certainly appears that way. Here's a chance to prove them wrong and do the right thing for a change.

You've done some excellent work getting energy information out over the years, I once had respect for you. Why are you destroying yourself with this madness? There is space to heal.

You have a link on your pages "SIGN THE PETITION TO HELP DEFEAT TYRANNY!" so I trust that you will not continue to act in a tyrannical manner towards me in this matter, or the irony might be too much to bear

Thank you.

Tom Brown
Aaron Murakami

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