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The problems expected using indirect resonance method

The problems expected using indirect resonance method:

one of the biggest problem in extracting the power from the E-TBC is the harmonic oscillations generated due to the fact the E-TBC is a special parallel LC oscillator where the capacitor inside the device is a special capacitor where it's formed in electrons spin mechanism behavior , x point is the location where electron spin take action, here it's the lowest energy point and it's related to spark gap resistance, when the gap resistance increase the capacitor increase.... ( i am confused here ) and this result in changing the oscillation frequencies giving a large bandwidth frequencies , short waves Radio show a large frequency covered when the E-TBC oscillate.

the solution is to move into direct resonance method where we have to match the frequency of HV module with our resonating system .... it's important to add another capacitor to regulate the oscillation of the E-TBC .

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