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Originally Posted by Guruji View Post
Very interesting med. Did you try it yourself in circuit?

Thanks for your post , i did some experiment show that the E-TBC is energy amplifying device, but i am facing problems extracting the energy from this device the reason is the lack of experience in radio frequency and radiant energy fields both of them are needed, but i think radio frequency is the most important here.

this device unlike ordinary parallel LC show double frequency behavior ( i hope to receive more statement about that ).

i am working on improving standing waves detection on this device , maybe changing the geometry of the E-TBC will help ( this involve another reverse engineering test ),

honestly i am not able to know what is the problem....the capacitor banks i am using ( now i use 1600 UF / 400 v capacitors ) give a great amperage but it need more than 3 minutes to be charged....., another problem it's cold electricity, the mystery in cold electricity is you can't charge serial capacitors with it !!

meaning i can't increase the voltage i am working with ... i have to have higher voltage capacitors and they are rare !!

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