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Originally Posted by wrtner View Post
Somewhere, Tesla proposed the transmission of energy through the air. I cannot find it.
Thinking about this yesterday and remembered Ken Wheeler's reference to Tesla's description of light as a "longitudinal disturbance in the aether." Ken has pointed out that some of his associates have in fact been able to tap the longitudinal axis of light to transmit vast amounts of information. If the longitudinal axis of light is actually dielectric in nature, we should be able to tap it to access not only vast amounts of info, but energy as well. Here's his post from another thread below:
Originally Posted by TheoriaApophasis View Post
Well, I JUST FOUND this, and am both pissed I didnt find this passage from Tesla MUCH EARLIER,

but ALSO VERY VERY HAPPY that Tesla agrees with me, that Light CANNOT BE merely a transverse EM phenomena.

Its just *#()@! impossible.

Also found a WONDERFUL new quote (new to me) from Tesla:

“Seldom if ever has an original idea of consequence been born in an elaborate laboratory. The egg of science is laid in the nest of solitude. True it may later be incubated, hatched and nursed in the million dollar laboratory. Be alone, that is the secret of invention, be alone! That is where ideas are born.”
- Nikola Tesla

TESLA ON LIGHT, basically the VERY SAME THING I concluded in my book, that light is ABSOLUTELY not merely transverse EM phenomena, rather has a Z-axis radial dielectric component.

He KEEPS saying light is a LONGITUDINAL disturbance, with OBVIOUS resultant transverse ATTRIBUTES.

ALL of this is the very same thing I concluded before finding this passage from Tesla, that ALL transverse components of light are merely attributes of what is a RADIAL (or Teslas longitudinal, same thing!!) Ether modality.

IN short, all the BS which conclude that LIGHT is transverse EM, is pure twaddle, it cannot be, we are taking the attributes of LIGHT, the E and M components and concluding THAT is light, but its not, its merely the attribute OF light, but NOT LIGHT ITSELF

from the book TESLA SAID:

download it here:
Library Genesis: Nikola Tesla, John T. Ratzlaff - Tesla Said

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