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Originally Posted by wrtner View Post
What about an urban train/tram system? The rails will be solidly grounded.

Somewhere, Tesla proposed the transmission of energy through the air. I cannot find it.
I just happened to come across what you're referring to , I think, in John J O'Neill's book, Prodigal Genius, the Life of Nikola Tesla. See pages 240-43. below is an excerpt. At the very least, entertaining reading.

" 1937, Tesla permitted me to write a news story for the New York Herald Tribune on his new power-and-ray discovery. In it I stressed the usefulness of the discovery for delivering pwer to ships for travel across the ocean, thus eliminating the need for carrying fuel supplies, rather than its use as a weapon for defense or offense.

On this occasion I tried to get him to reveal some technical details, but he successfully parried every question and gave no information beyond the statement that the transmitting plant on shore was one which he would be able to erect at a cost of about $2,000,000, and the energy would be transmitted by a ray or beam of infinitesimally small cross section, one hundred thousandth of a centimeter in diameter. To other newspapers which copied my story he gave the figure as one millionth of a square centimeter.

...At his birthday in 1938, at the Hotel New Yorker, Tesla described briefly his combination wireless-power transmission and death ray, adding little to what has already been stated; and in a later part of his speech he declared that he had developed a method for interplanetary communication, in which he would be able to transmit not only communication signals of small strength but energies involving thousands of horsepower..."
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