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Originally Posted by jerdee View Post
Hello Med,

You might be on to something here. Take time to review the STEAP concept from Michael J. Nunnerly on the forum.

He uses a quadrifilar which he calls a "Polyphase transformer". Review this schematic. Basically a set of 20turn bucking inductors to create capacitance. I see similarities here with your E-TBC.

Here is the reduction of the poly phase transformer, at least the way I see it.

Your answer for extracting energy is from the power coil. There is energy multiplication happening here at the standing wave in resonance. C3 and L5 are in series LC while the polyphase transformer, acting like capacitance is in parallel LC. You have both series and parallel LC happening at the same time. There is parametric qualities to this schematic as well, just like you have found out. So you will see multiple resonance points happening at the same time.

The energy is between L5 and L6 at the power coil! You will have a null point in the middle of L5, but considerable amount of energy magnification on L6.
I believe voltage and current are working together in this arrangement to extract.

There has been reports of this schematic using two TBC to generate enough power to run a 110V bulb at full brightness and returning energy back to the source battery, running for free. I can't put my head around how to implement two Tesla bifilar pancake coils on this schematic yet, so I don't quite understand how this was accomplished. Needless to say this is OU, and can be validated if you really take the time to tune.

Hopefully you can see the similarities between your E-TBC and this arrangement as well as learning how to extract the energy. I'm learning more and more to learning how to combine series and parallel resonance together. You are correct voltage and current together is not what we want, but we need to pull energy only from the magnetic or the electrostatic side only and convert into real power, watts, with the source input seeing little combination of both forms of energies combined. As you have discovered, it's the voltage that does the work, or the magnetic that does the work, once you put these together, you working in normal hot electricity.

Hope this helps.
Hello Jeremy,

Thank you very much for you post, as you noticed it's important to separate voltage and current in power amplification stage, the E-TBC is an electromagnetism device with a special electromagnetic feedback inside, if you start with electric power you will end up with electric power amplified during the stage when the current grow! the same if you start with magnetic power you will end up with current amplified when the voltage grow, this explicate the energy equation of this device since the voltage do the job, ambient background supply current and the square of frequency is the speed of multiplication.

in my point of view the E-TBC is not series and parallel resonance , but it combine series and parallel to be series/parallel system both in the same fashion !

you comments and analysis are welcome including the schematics you post, it worth to be tested .
thanks once again.
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