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Hi Med,
Thanks again for your patients and explanation. I was looking at the circuit on page 3-23 under the Don Smith device. Looking at it that way it made a lot more sense. (although I havnt worked with high voltage primary tanks, I still have that to look forward to.)

I think what confused me was. I might have been expecting a step down before the output. The coil as it looks seems like it might step it up a bit.

If I dont have any joy with the oscillator I am working on I will try a culpitts too. I got the data sheet for the npn you are using. One day I hope to stumble across an npn with a bit more power than a signal trans that can cope with those kinds of frequencies.

All the best

edit I think I saw that one, thanks for the link. I think he would not mind if his meter blew up cause he had a whole bunch of them.

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