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Yes you are right, I did splatter a lot of things all together. Each of us have great abilities to peer into the supernatural as folks see it. It doesn't have to be accompanied by bad spirits, they could be good ones. You know like an angel, plus the spirit of man IS the candle of the ALMIGHTY so we have access and great potential.

The trouble is guys like ED are not following the light to enlightenment instead they are doing magick like CHRIS ANGEL does on youtube for enchantment purposes.

People really go hog wild for super powers. He man and so forth, look at my great abilities, see me, ain't I the best thing on earth? Like a gOd?

Serving and worshipping the creature is not enough for me. I start getting sleepy in that vane.

I know we have great potential to channel light and to channel darkness. It is a very dangerous power that ED uses.

When I was little Mom said that she knew her sister had died that day before she was told and THEN the phone rang. Car accident.

Yes we are connected. Having out of body experiences while you sleep is the same exercise as flying without wings while you are awake. This is called teleportation. Visions are similar. Men have gifts.

The gift giver wants to be honored for HIS gift giving by using the gift the way HE has specified.

Am I making this clear? Well let me see if I could say it this way. If the possessor of the gift does not use HIS or HER (In the gOd sense) gift the way it was intended, it becomes high jacked. The gift operates but is broken and malfunctioning.

The gift serves no honorable purpose and the Giver is offended.

Using ones gift should be a manifestation of selflessness, blessing others with no ulterior reasons for doing this. Using a gift should never be for making money or gaining social status for the purpose of man made control.

The motivation is always evident and this tells us how the gift is being operated by who it benefits.


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