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Time travel is said to mess up what is happening in this time. I know people connected to ED. ED believes he can travel through time and into other dimensions. These men inside with ED say they have gotten this technology from the alien beings roaming the earth today. The stuff ED says makes this all look great but after a person yields to these guides they become vessels by which spirits may embody a person.

Nasa has the stargate and so many other ways to play with your mind.

This is why they feel they are doing time travel and out of body experiences.

I have spoken to spirits through the use of a Ouija broad which is an ancient symbol that attracts spirits. Until it was outlawed in the 1960's we got them as Christmas presents from Santa. ED has learned to go beyond this by practicing rituals. These spirits have been around for thousands of years and are very wise. In THEIR presence You would swear they are gOds.

ED uses the same form of energy as a card reader used to predict the future.

ED has learned to repackage the power of the astrological phenomena to look like science and technology.

ED is becoming rich because he now has the Midas Touch.

People are intrigued with the super-natural because we are all spiritual beings. And since the only time their inter-being is stimulated is when these guides work through them.

Other than that most people are empty vessels who never had the real thing.


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