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Originally Posted by spacecase0 View Post
I keep praying for the best possible future,
figure that can't go wrong,

ed dames can see things,
but his teacher saw 5 futures (might have been 7),
I do think the path has been set now, and that people have made the choice,
but Ed Dames only saw one of the futures and not all of them,
there is a good reason why he tells you to look for yourself
Ed Dames practices the use of spirit guides to remote view other places in the world from a single location. It is a form of black Magick. Also known as "OUT OF BODY" travel, also "Astral Projection" is another term.

Most folks don't know what to call it. Some say that "WE ARE gODS" practicing the "Science of the mind" in every case the spirit guides lead guide you into all truth.

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