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Arrow Thomas Joseph Brown Arrested for Tax Evasion in New Zealand?

Thomas Joseph Brown arrested in New Zealand for tax evasion...

Looks like a trial may be pushed to November. Some people that knew Tom Brown said that getting away from the IRS is why he left to New Zealand to begin with. He was a serious drug runner in Chicago quite a while back - cocaine, you name it. I'm not sure if that was before or after Borderland though. That is the story many of you have never heard.

Also, In the Matter of the bankruptcy of Thomas Joseph Brown | Matters of Trust looks like he filed bankruptcy at some point and tried to also pull some sovereign citizen business, again, playing lawyer that always gets him in trouble. No matter how valid common law is and should be the law of the land(s), he gets himself in trouble because of it and others.

"The unreported decision of Associate Judge Doogue in the Matter of the bankruptcy of Thomas Joseph Brown (CIV-2010-404-3740), which was delivered on 19 December 2011, confirms that a natural person trustee is not a separate entity to that person in his or her “personal capacity”."

Thomas Joseph Brown's wife killed herself because she couldn't take it anymore. Supposedly the New Zealand tax department came after them so hard over an alleged bogus tax debt. Maybe that is true that it is bogus, but why would Tom Brown want to be the receiver of some trust that was started by someone (Donald Morris Rea) that got busted for defrauding investors? Look it up.

This is why Thomas Joseph Brown goes ballistic every time someone mentions his wife. Perhaps he feels responsible for getting his wife caught up in what looks like some financial scams.


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