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Originally Posted by genessc View Post
Yeap, thanks, I don't build OTHERS VISIONS anymore. No point since I haven't any idea what the goal is for the project nor whats been built to date. I did try and share some observations but you blew past those as though they were nothing, so thats ok.

Take care!
ABSTRACT Displacement Current is the critical
“ingredient” in recent antenna designs such as the
CFA and EH. Its existence was postulated in the late
1800’s to explain how Alternating Current (AC) could
flow between the plates of a capacitor. In this article,
we analyze the charge-based model of the capacitor,
and attempt to prove that the model is seriously flawed,
and perhaps show that Displacement Current does not

more reading is here :

maybe everyone on this forum know what is the self capacitance of solenoid coil, take a coil with 10 turns for example, the problem with this kind of capacitance is its disfiguration... meaning the turn number 1 will make a capacitor with turn n 2 the result capacitor will make another capacitor with turn number 3 at the same time n1 alone will make another capacitor with n3 alone !!! how many capacitors exist in this model ?

when using the E-TBC in Colpitts oscillator it show a high stability in 14.3 MHZ even thought the stray capacitor is the problem in high frequency region, the circuit i used was taken from the following website, the frequency used is about 7.8 MHZ, compare it with our graph showing a perfect sin wave in about two time that frequency.

makeRF: Experimenting with Colpitts Oscillators
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