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Originally Posted by genessc View Post
I see. I will leave you to your imagined reality then.

Surely if you think Dons device couldn't have worked as he presented it, its a weird thing that you think you can improve on what you think he failed to even get right when he shared.

I see you also failed to see my point that the inductor is ALWAYS an LCR all on its own. (without needing an R or C attached to it.) Its never just an inductance or just a capacity. (and neither is a capacitor just a capacity, it also has its own inductance depending on its formed geometry.)

I would be amazed if you could force the inductance to only be an inductance without any capacity or resistance.

Anyways cheers, and good luck!

i agree with you the inductor is ALWAYS an LCR the same about the capacitor where it must have an inductance depending as you said on the geometry.

Don used an electromagnetic simulator to understand how his device works... meaning it's a no linear device, in other publication he talked about ELECTRONS SPIN MECHANISM, being a spark-gap ON-OFF !!

i am just providing my point of view, and i am confident with it, i can't force an inductance without any capacity or resistance, i am not a magician! i watched a film characterize Nikola Tesla as a magician when he invented a machine able to replicate the human being! in reality he invented a simple coil when extended it replicate the electric energy.... nothing more!

the E-TBC change what we call the displacement current with something called electrons spin mechanism...
the dynamic capacitor isn't similar with stray capacitor.... the dynamic capacitor is an energetic element because it's formed in a rotational energetic manner, the rotational induced electric field charge the E-TBC (when it providing the power) through the junction CD... this is why i call it a one dimensional capacitor.

remember imagination is more important than intelligent :-) , THANK YOU .
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