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I see. I will leave you to your imagined reality then.

Surely if you think Dons device couldn't have worked as he presented it, its a weird thing that you think you can improve on what you think he failed to even get right when he shared.

I see you also failed to see my point that the inductor is ALWAYS an LCR all on its own. (without needing an R or C attached to it.) Its never just an inductance or just a capacity. (and neither is a capacitor just a capacity, it also has its own inductance depending on its formed geometry.)

I would be amazed if you could force the inductance to only be an inductance without any capacity or resistance.

Anyways cheers, and good luck!

Originally Posted by med.3012 View Post
The resonance energy device has a heart , its heart is L1 coil where energy amplification take action please take a look at the following video

notice Don Smith words : i put myself inside his mind ( he meant Nikola Tesla mind) and I've expanded an extended what Nikola Tesla has done!!!

my inspiration about this device came from a special asymmetrical capacitor i built, i gave it the name of C1/C2 system and it's based on a deformed Gaussian surface , i noticed the possibility of charging a capacitor without direct contact since i was able to take the high voltage from C2 while only C1 was fed !

this is similar to what Don Smith tried to tell us when he show us how the spark jump to the ground connection even if it wasn't a part from the system, the earth is able to form a huge capacitor plate providing the excess energy and i agree with him it's the Principe behind his OU device.

i didn't replicated Don device literally because i don't think ordinary coil and capacitor are able to supply the huge power gain he claimed to achieve... there must be a special process involve attracting ambient electrons with radio frequency speed ...

there is no comparison between ordinary parallel LC circuit and the E-TBC, the electromagnetic feedback inside the E-TBC is very special... the E-TBC is a coil and capacitor at the same time...... unlike normal LC circuit where it must be a coil or a capacitor but not both !!

the resonance energy device has something hidden and without understanding what this thing is it's impossible to replicate it, in another video Don gave us the secret but it was very difficult to predict it , he said : in a Tesla coil the right diameter with the right length with supply huge current with huge voltage !!!

what Tesla coil he was talking about ?now put yourself inside Nikola Tesla mind when he said :

My present invention has for its object to avoid the employment of
condensers which are expensive, cumbersome and difficult to maintain in
perfect condition, and to so construct the coils themselves as to accomplish
the same ultimate object.
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