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clearance about the dual E-TBC

i said before that the dual extended Tesla Bi-filar coil work as two separated E-TBC connected together in reversed mode but i think it's a mistake to see the Dual E-TBC as two separated E-TBC.

the Dual E-TBC is another derivative of a single E-TBC, it has two coils and two capacitors, the coils are linked electrically and the capacitors are linked magnetically, because cold electricity is absent in the dual E-TBC this mean the black E-TBC work in opposite manner compared to the red E-TBC and due to the fact the coil will transform into capacitor in the negative energy sea and the same happen to the capacitor when it transform into coil in negative energy perspective.

from energetic perspective the coil in the RED E-TBC have to pass through the center virtual capacitor to reach the other coil side situated in the Black E-TBC and the same will happen to the two capacitors in each side where they are connected magnetically in the center of the dual E-TBC because each virtual coils must be compressed before reaching the real capacitors, the capacitors and the coils in this model are energetic elements ... they can't be seeing.

we need practical measurement to see if this model is correct or no, if it's correct the resonance frequency of the dual E-TBC have to be the same as a single E-TBC!

the internal capacitor in a single E-TBC jump to four time less C/4 when oscillating but in the dual E-TBC the coil come to play too and it will jump to the half L/2 .

another player in this design is the induced electric field which double the gained power compared to a single E-TBC where each adjacent plates receive twice the voltage which in turn double the the received ambient electrons, in other hand the received electrons in each side isn't similar because each coil work as the back EMF for the other side which bring the current and the voltage in the same design with radio frequency speed.

the above information is a point of view and it need confirmation.

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