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Originally Posted by Raphael37 View Post
Let me finish the sentence
the only APPLICATION I have come across for his rebirth is how he he has spawned so many stupid clones spewing his nonsense as divine intervention and still not coming up with ONE USEFUL APPLICATION for his genius.

Name the APPS please

You crucified yourself by your own tongue with that BS statement.

While you are busy trying to figure out how to f*ck over someone by inventing something to SELL SOMEONE

people like Russell, and myself are more interested in wisdom and comprehension.

intellectually, you're a RAPIST. Your motive is profit, fame, and superficial bullsh*t.

Mine is just the inverse

Originally Posted by Raphael37 View Post
Name the APPS please

I can name your fans on ONE FINGER, yourself, which deserves the MIDDLE one.

I cannot count his on a million HANDS.

lets see who remembers your lifeless worm riddled CORPSE in 80 years.

NONE is the answer

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