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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
What i want to know is why all the fuss?
Mickey, I didn't know why he went nuts and released all of my family's private info.

I did not catch that part, where is this "TO die for machine"?? Where?
He is just putting his "UFOpolitics" brand all over Tesla's works and displaying it wrong! with fake test results!
The Imperial tests were:
1.) 38v @ 7500rpms
2.) 39v @ 5600rpms
3.) 38v @ 4300rpms

Something is not right! That's over 3000 RPMs differance, that's huge!! Somebody is faking the results!!! But Why!?
He has not replied to date!

As far as it being a free for all here/take what you want, I think the answer is yes for personal use only.

But if I started say selling John Bedini's work to the public, John might want a kick back.its not about money for me! Plus, the patent is free to the world at this point.

One thing I have learned about friends and brothers is that they fight like cats and dogs. You guys remind me of me.
[I have small babies at home! This MFer release my home address!

Courts just take your money. Settle in private and stop making trouble you don't want later "is my way of doing business".Thats an honest mans way but this guy...

I don't understand the entire beef so it is all up to you guys to make peace.
I'm good! I paid for my parts! I built the A1Mo-Gen! He got mad because he didn't say it was ok to.

I don't know one way or another, but this I will tell you.
If you screw your friends and co-workers, then someone will do the same to you because that spirit rules that person. Live by the sword and die by it, is the old saying.Agreed

I would hope you guys wouldn't want to do each other in, over what has transpired. Come on fellows

It's all good!

Keep it Clean and Green
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