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Really forced vaccination

There is a pending bill that has a comment period. I hope that everybody comments. Activist Post: Forced Adult Vaccinations at Federal Levels Comment Period Now
Not too surprisingly, the measles vaccine has been proven to spread measles.

Edit; This is the message that I sent to the GOV board soliciting comment,
"Ms. Fish, I wish to strongly state my objections against all vaccination programs. Baxter Pharmaceuticals is being sued for providing purposely contaminated vaccine to Europe. They have admitted guilt. Bill Gates is being sued for death and and damage caused by his vaccination program in India. Poison vaccine was used in Portugal to cause sterility. The current measles vaccine has been proved to spread and cause measles. All over the world, contaminated vaccines have been used to cause death and sterility.

While I understand that the United Nations is very concerned by over population, I do not want to participate in a death-by-vaccine program."

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