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crystal set -- et al

Ah the crystal set worthy of serious investigation and conjecture but I am sure Bob is not considering standard dogma which teaches that despite the almost infinite impedance of a high Q parallel tuned circuit the crystal set never the less draws its operating power from the station transmitter.
Perhaps in some cases that’s true but I feel sure that is not what Mr Smith or Franco is considering here and so perhaps time for conjecture and examples.
Many are starting to consider that there are “types of” electricity afoot which are ignored and certainly the engineering and maths are not taught in fact they are actively suppressed, regarding crystal sets here's an example of one from the back pages of this forum that perfectly demonstrate this phenomenal power. It cooked the poor guys coil

Lester's first post ! What he saw 30 years ago was still nagging him enough to join our forum and post, alas an unknown and un- engineered power is almost certain to be destructive when it makes its presence felt . What of the many cases of folks who spontaneously combusted … the same power perhaps?
I wrote on Lester's thread but to be honest I was struggling to explain what my minds eye sees (I still am) please allow me to try again.
First pay attention to Mahlon Loomis who history records as the inventor of radio telegraphy his transmission and reception was achieved with no power source just as Prof Eric Dollard tells us very clearly here at 2M30sec >

So we now consider two very different types of electricity to wit .. electromagnetic wave which obeys all the rules and laws we have learnt and the electrostatic wave about which we know next to nothing ! It in turn knows nothing of ohms law and the like.

What if we dump the radio aspect and give the antenna a battery to charge instead ? That works too!its been used for many years by radio amateurs to keep batteries charged and as a life saver for radio communication in remote cabin stations in Canada .. here’s a basic description

Capacitor electric Charger power from the air

So of course it works and there is certainly what we term loosely “free energy” available the problem being we are taught nothing of the dimension or engineering of magnetic --- reactive – telluric – ground – ambient – electrostatic CURRENT (pick your own word here they all seem to mean the same thing by different authors at different times) and so we can't match load to source (maximum power transfer)

some who did were quickly silenced. Any radio transmission or reception tech will tell you the importance of impedance matching and the characteristic impedance of lines here's a picture of T H Morays antenna of which he was very proud

which in turn powered his 50 Kw not quite a crystal set --- (if you like) what of Tesla's crystal set car ? With its 6ft antenna fact or fiction ?

you decide ,I wouldn't like to bet against Nikki doing anything he turned his mind to. from an acorn giant oaks grow perhaps from a crystal set too kind regards Duncan
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