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Another things that comes to mind is harrassment bullying and privacy rights.
Why would any member think that he or she can release/broadcast a persons/member's home address, home phone #, email address, false medical records, racial slurs, belittling on a open/public forum... All that is bullying with malious intent. That means, all the things were done above to "shut someone up".

The humiliation and stress causes mental harm/damage. It could cause the offened party to do unrational behaviors. A fight or flight situation.

According to US military lawyers, these are serious offenses, even more so if it's overseas members. If I was an admin, would seriously think about the liabilities. This is a PUBLIC forum. No one person has rights to anything here. Zero/Nada.

A violation of a US citizen, state side or abroad, constitutional rights will be upheld in a US court of law. Further more, if the person happens to be High Ranking, it could be deemed a security ISSUE.

Release of private info, bullying, racial slurs should carry an automatic suspension for the first offence... Supension or ban for the second. Ban/don't need that person for the third.

the thing to remember is that if it is true and shown to be then it can't be libel or slander
Farmhand, I couldn't agree more.

Lately a guy that learned every single ability he is showing now from all the work I have rendered here for over two years and attacking me in the OPEN, revealing my real identity name and last name, my personal contacts, cell number etc...
From the posts that I've read, YOU released your full name. And YOU First released a members full name, home address, home phone, email addresses, fake medical records, racial slurs, FIRST. The admins have access to all post on the servers. That includes edits and deleted. That prove Who the aggressor is. I know that you are a platinum member and you would never lie/libel. That would be a clear case of defarmation of character! Since you have been violated first, after the admin check, don't you agree that the agressor of bullying/harrassment should be banned and threads deleted?
First rule of gambling is only bet what you can afford to lose.
Mikey don't you think that's fair. It's been less than a month and the admin can find all the posts quickly, since it all been on one thread and by three members only. It's only fair... Agreed!?

Have a E.F court thread. Let the Senior members, that are not involved, decide/vote/judge.. Does this sound about correct?
Example... If you would like to settle out of court... Just have your threads deleted. That a good deal for everyone.

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