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true topping voltage for a battery

Originally Posted by djkremik View Post
What is Your charger so special? that breaks sulfide
What are the characteristics charging

: Beamup:
They're not just desulfators, but they do that as well.

The #1 drawback on almost every commercially available battery charger on the market is that they do not push the battery to the proper voltage.

Like I mentioned, gels need 14.8 and flooded cells need 15.1~15.3. If that doesn't happen, then a small layer of sulfation still exists.

Other companies want you to believe that if the battery is charged and settles to 12.6 or a little above that it is charged, but that is a HUGE deception. You can get a battery to rest at 12.6 but it still has sulfation so what is the point?

Each charge and discharge cycle the battery is losing capacity while people are believing it is full charged because it is at 12.6+ volts.

The truth is that the battery has to be pushed to the proper topping voltages and if you watch it on a graph, you will see the battery voltage actually dip at the end because the impedance drops meaning that the final layer of sulfation dissolves into solution meaning that the "back pressure" is reduced so the voltage drops.

That is the sign you need to see to tell what is going on and we're the only company willing to tell you these facts.

Go get this free book and look at the battery chart in the back: Free Solar Secrets - even if you're not interested in solar, look at those graphs. They have been known for a whole century but no battery or battery charger company will tell you this.

Please research that, then come back and post.

Aaron Murakami

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