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Originally Posted by pedroxime View Post
The real good God of the universe doesnt like/want religions
Yes now that is a sane comment. Religious forms serve men's goals and have little to do with PURE RELIGION.

True religion is when you see someone in desperation and you reach out to them to help them in kindness when you know they can not return the favor.

That is not what we see in Government Religion. We have a one world power. The power of money to control everything. Medicine, religion, food, oil, all buying and selling will soon be controlled worldwide.

The RULING Elite service the OWL gOd placed in a California red wood forest.

Their stone figure of an OWL is 40 foot tall. Most people want to ignore religion because it can be a disgusting subject. Like watching two men kiss on the lips.

Every year these ELITE men sex each other and dress up with KKK hoods and torches in the night time hours performing their rituals. They burn human babies and adults in a pit. Well it is only make believe so they say but it is make believe that they are burning human children.

This has been going on from the beginning on time.

Very sickening. The people who look away from this religious aspect of THE RULING POWERS are in for a real surprise.

Many people look at Jihad or Islam as they should, as being crazy, yet the world Rulers are using these hoods as their best method to frighten the worlds population.

Turning away only keeps people from seeing the head on collision.

These freaks want to micro-manage GODS beautiful creation so THEY can do away with the bulk on them.

BIG NO NO. When the masses begin to be exterminated THE NATIONS will see THE KING in HIS fury.


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