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In the days ahead I will be posting sayings, net worth, ideologies of past and present billionaire rulers. Rich young men who's wealth was passed down to them. Men who used their power of money and position to rule over other men with cruelty.

These are the real rulers of all time.

Here is the basis for the survival of the fittest doctrines. Men will not be ruled over even by good men so the only way to rule over lawlessness is to use the ultimate outlaw.

It takes one to know one, checkmate.

Don't do as I do, do as I say. This is a religion. Religion put simply is anything you constantly repeat doing/thinking/speaking. Repetition. Something you give your time to.

As an example young children can be trained to keep their rooms clean or they can live like pigs of course this is a mater of opinion and undisciplined children have no idea what that is before they are molded.

The die is cast and every person living is far different from the next yet they all must follow the basic forms of house keeping.

Man looks about the heavens and the earth and he knows that the self existent one has done all of these things.

However when darkness covers the people in the form of a mental block they are prisoners. To get folks out of jail requires to you go to the jailer.

Religion is a way of doing things. We all have our ways.

He does things religiously a certain way.

Religiously Synonyms, Religiously Antonyms |

This is is RULING FORCE or deity and center of worship. Worship=to pay attention to with vigor.

Word list association with religiously.

adv as a matter of usual practice





The result tells you what kind of an action was premeditated in advance.

If the result is oppression you have a repetitious doctrinal form known as a religion based on negatives. Starting with fear. Afraid someone may kill you so you kill them and so on.

Afraid someone will out do you so, you strive to out do them, instead of each man encouraging the other to use his gift to the full and then combine the many benefits.

The lazy approach to living is to do unto others BEFORE they do unto you, because you are afraid they will get over on you. This is the religion of fear and oppression.

Putting tittles to man made organizational structures is meaningless, either they are based in fear or not.

Another for instance. many men fear losing their jobs to a younger man in his same field so when the younger man becomes of age to perform the same task the older man will suppress him by with holding what he has learned over say a period of 30-40 years. Instead of giving freely, he fears.

His religion or repetitious reaction is based out of fear. He will get old and die and all that he has learned will be lost because he is afraid.

In this example this man loves oppressing himself first and all others around him. That is his religion. It is a religion of self hate first.

Here is one of many. By understanding the ideology of a ruler we can predict the result.

Marx's interpretation of ruling-class ideology, religion ? the opium of the people

Marx's interpretation of ruling-class ideology, religion ? the opium of the people

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