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Originally Posted by allaxul View Post
Theoria apophasis, do tell what you think of these videos against the ether. But dont just say you hate them lol explain to us

those videos are trash. Theyre SUPPOSED to be based upon Russells works.

RUSSELL only ONCE (I have a digital search engine) mentions the Ether, and says nothing about it.

So, to attribute anything about the Ether to Russell is BRAIN DEAD nonsense., since he never discusses same.

those videos are 2 bars short of new age crap and 2 bars long of Alien/God trash.

Ultimately those crap videos work off the premise to have some magical replacement for the Ether.

But it produces NOTHING to support same.

NOT ONE SINGLE THING,.... well it says "The Creator" (God)...... yeah, right

The ancient Greeks figured this out long ago.

Nobody on earth can negate the Ether, its impossible.

However those CRAHP videos replaced the Ether with "The Creator" (so sayeth the crap videos).

You can piss yourself laughing over that absurdity.
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