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Originally Posted by allaxul View Post
The one thing I don't get 100% about Walter Russell and other people who talk about Light as the prime thing that exists... why light? I mean, I understand that when we look into space, we see stars and from them comes the elements, but, still.

I don't get "The Light" that people like russell talk about. Why is it Light the primary thing? What is this light?

I can understand how our different senses are different kinds of Light
good gosh man.

i think the thing walter russell, was pretty much saying, is that the stars, the sun, stuff is where the waves come from. he's saying that something else is charging it besides, itself, or nothing at all. the sun. its getting its power from somewhere else. its not producing it itself. its coming from a light. thats what he says.
as eric dollard says, the suns a converter, or something, like that.

the thing about the aether is, that it doesn't explain our sun.

you can understand how our senses are different kinds of light? uhh, then you dont understand this light, but then you understand different sources of light. as our senses are different lights, sourced.

its like that the sun is powered by a light. something that powers things. sun doenst produce its own power.

and i think that, the aether doesnt' explain the sun. the aether, is like, all this extra stuff. here. without it i mean.. thered be no, air and distance. and no building here, and building there. and table here, then someoen who sits over there. there wouldnt be things, and there wouldnt be stuff.

like the geometry things, the radial is one, and the others. all .. something, . those .. things.
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