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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
Here is how the propaganda machine works. Give the working class flock a documentary film hot off the griddle in Hollywood, so ya pull some more wool over their eyes.

Just make a little film to get everyone asking who it is and never tell them the truth.

This is a jokers film with humor prefect for the kiddies at bedtime, right after the Santa lies.

Give them a Hollywood false delusion and call it

AMERICAN RULING CLASS here ya go children. what a pathetic bunch of feeble minds (Powder Puff Push Overs)

I don't know bout yall but I can't stop laughing at that film snippet. Give me a massive break. Get a big degree, collect high up friends and become a rich RULER in AMERICA

The American Ruling Class | Bullfrog Films: 1-800-543-3764: Environmental DVDs and Educational DVDs

and they make money off the video
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