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im just not going to respond to you with this.

but your point your trying to get out is that all people should be ruled, by someone, or something cause without, that. without rulers, as in in england cause its so much better in america wed have slaves.

tahts what we'd do. we could of or could not of had slaves.

we have.. segregation, and immigrant policies. which i believe you actually believe in no law, and just a bunch of beligerent, pyschopathic, nuts going around with costumes on, waving shiny pieces of metal and having guns, yea thats real nice.

thats how, people who have a mindset of themselves and they use fake fiat currencies in the whole world, to control you with. those people who think that they have to have a bunch of idiots .. running everything, and starting, trouble all the time..

well there. theres my viewpoint.
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