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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
No No you have it all wrong, we are in AMERICA now and in the 1700's WE THE PEOPLE came here to get away from the Queen. HER God is an axe murdered.

Now do you understand?

quit, trying, to avoid the topic and change discussion. the word is ruler. you think it means different, if its america or somewhere else.

then, how does america differ, than other places, and use the word, ruler. is our ruler's better? and i mean the wooden ones with inch marks. is our words better is this that.. on and on, whats so good, about america then? because of god? other places have god, just they are attacked for worshipping him in public. but if its done its done you know, just how is amercia better.

as you say, better the word ruler there, or in here.

lincoln killed people over slaves. not over slavery. if you just like to pretend theyre someone.. and call them something like that. he killed people, over slaves. this country was founded on and wrote the constitution, the same people who wrote slavery in it.

instead of telling me how you think america, and ruler's, is better you would probably argue with me over that last subject i brought up.

that is the propoganda machine of the usa, thats happened for a long time as far as i can see.

why dont blacks, just go to africa then they can say, we blacks invented this or that. then wed be like blacks do something good wow. hey lets get some of those. over here.

ok im talking about segregation, which is nothing about the word or meaning of a word ruler as in here or there.

there all confusion and all possible forms of propoganda which you've already tried to throw some in, to respond to me with.

anddd the part about kids in school, praying, reemmeber when lincoln was president and he took the word, god out of the pledge of allegiance?
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