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Detroit Boy

I have friends in New York. I grew up in Detroit.

But my age bracket is probably far different than yours. I was born in the 1950's and all of the 1940-1950 footage was being aired when Television first arrived at our house. We had a B/W Tv til the 60's. I watched Batman in color

Praying on TV and in schools was a joy not a manditory forced nazi dictatorship driven command as portrayed by the media.

The supreme court painted praying as an undesirable mandatory chore.

Children rejoiced is the songs of praise to OUR GOD and to HIS Jesus Christ.

Thank you for hearing what I have to say about how life use to being at my school as a baby boy

I have tonnes of black friends.

Not saying the Blacks are perfect anymore than any other ethnic group but I really enjoyed being part of their soul singing. Some of those guys could pick me up with one arm.

They sing like the angelic hosts.

Originally Posted by Dingus View Post
I'm from New York. Let me guess, you're from the south?

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