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Originally Posted by allaxul View Post
All books of his WHAT? You said after the universal one the books started going bad, and you said that in A New Concept... He got stuff wrong instead of improving. I think there is a misunderstanding.

I hink atomic suicide is good, as alao a new concept...

And why do you say he made a different kind of atomism?

Communication error on your part, lets make it really really simple, ok.

His book Universal One is about 60% accurate (which is HIGH praise).

He makes ENORMOUS errors, .....and a lot of them, to wit he never defines a field,.... and other unforgivable "sins"

He never defines the agencyship of the Ether. NEVER, which is necessary to have IAAD (instant action at a distance)

LIKEWISE, he confuses electric with dielectric

on and on and on.....

His other books while interesting, are mostly worthless.
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