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UFO is Right

Yes you are right UFO I was in a hurry and just threw it out there that way back in the day we were hijacked but you are right and everyone needs to read your posted info as to the plot to take her down and timing.

The people use to want to pray opening they were not ashamed of brotherly love amongst one another. Today you don't know who is a friendly comrade to a cut throat.

It is crazy place to live now in the USA, everybody carrying guns.

The money was Hijacked first, UFO is right.

The way life use to be for generations was like we see in the western movies. A small cabin, a cow to milk, chickens, chopping wood.

Now we just put the key into our ignition that could allow us to transverse the continent. Men no longer work like that with their hands and so their bodies wear out, fall apart much sooner. We won't talk about the brain going down hill because the body is unfit.

Their goal for the 1900's was for off shore world mafia to infiltrate the giant USA collective, who had prematurely gotten away from the Queen, and we can't have that now can we?

These people have lied, murdered, stolen, raped, tortured and the world knows who they are. You can feel their presences when THEY or these creatures come into a room or any area for say a political campaign.

These crooks have gotten their wish. They are in wrongful control of everything, therefore in a moment THEY will suffer the lose of everything they have usurped in one hour.


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