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Great Thread Friend!

Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
[SIZE="4"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I am starting an adjacent thread to a supposed AMERICAN RULING CLASS.


Hello Mikey,

Great thread friend!

Now, IMHO, I agree 100% on ALL above some below as well

America has been Hijacked. America was founded on the right for people to be free to worship THE GOD of HEAVEN and even though the Queen and her minions have tried to recapture those who ran to America to start a new life away from tyrants, we have enjoyed 23O plus years of God's Blessing.

The America you see today is not run by American Rulers. Lincoln was a real American Ruler and THEY shot him. America does not call the shots as many of you might suppose.

The true American Ruler of the past prayed openly the Lords Prayer and religion was what this American assemble was all about, something the people today hate the mention of.

You can not leave out the ideology taught to people by their religious factions and understand what drives world events.

I will be back to show you in this new thread who really runs America today.

If you are under the false impression that a tiny rich Elite of very smart men control America, you are in for a big surprise. Many would like to believe that America has the world by the tail, this makes for a great bedtime fairytale for the Kiddies.

Stop lying to your children and hiding the truth from them. your children are smart enough to handle it.

America has by Hijacked by those who hate the God She was founded on.
However on your further posts I have to disagree in just about 'timing' when this 'hijacking' took place...

I don't know if you read 'The Creature of Jekyll Island'...but if you did not, I highly recommend it.

America was hijacked exactly on Dec 24-25 of 1910

Yes, exactly on CHRISTMAS EVE...while everyone was having a nice dinner...this people were planning a perfect attack...and by the next morning...when everyone was having a good sleep...they were already delivering all signed sealed documents...

Now tell ME if you think they could really care about Christmas from the Religious point of view??

Federal Reserve was born as a PRIVATE Institution, configured by some (exactly seven) wealthy hijackers plus White House insider's who killed whoever stood in their way to take this to Congress and have it approved "Next Day".

The IRS was created right we all pay 'tax' on labor...

The Crisis of 1929 was 'staged' as a test probe to suck all medium and small financial fatten the "BIG KATZ"

This 'Families' are NOT all they are also from Europe.

And honestly, I do not like to mix Religion to this Hijacking situation...since their ONLY and REAL GOD is just the "Legal Tender Notes" they PRINT themselves at wish.

This People Rule the entire Planet by now...they rule wars...and distribute viruses all over, cybernetic viruses and Biological Viruses...all kinds.

They decide where is gonna be 'staged' the next 911...

They control every single thing you could get your hands on...even food.

But basically, and the main point that REALLY have a direct impact on THIS that they have fought for over 100 years making sure no Patent will EVER disclose ANYTHING related to ANY Alternative Energy that could set in trouble their MAIN INCOME SOURCE...which is exactly OIL.

From that point on in time...We will never see anymore "Tesla's"...or Faraday's, or Maxwell's...or any new discoveries that would or could impact their 'domains'...just because Science is Founded in $$$ by this People/Families...therefore they rule.

The examples...I have them by Tons...mean, tons of direct links to key sites, pictures, books, patents, etc,etc

But I will just give you ONE... | imagination at work ...remember who owned this "General Electric"?

Well, now go there and watch if the 'general' is related to 'electric'...or is it OIL and Turbines for Military and Commercial Aviation...or Oil Extraction Technologies...

And of course, they have their own "Schooling" and Training Centers there...

The Establishment is not any 'fairytale' to be told to real friend.

There is no such BS as 'Democrats' nor 'Republicans'...Elections are just a STAGED CLOWN SHOW...

And the Sheeple's follow, thinking 'A CHANGE' will take place somehow in time and Space...with the next one coming to 'Main Stage'...

Watch The Rockefeller's having a PARTY with Obama and Bush Families...

Watch Clinton's Family be closest friends with Bush's...

Anyone could call me a Conspiracy Theorist...I am not hiding...

This TRUTH is known all over for so long...

And to this written point...I should say AMEN!...

Kind regards Friend


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