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Apophasis, whats up with you reviewing A new concept of the universe as great on amazon and trashing it here?

"Good stuff is NOT popular! This book is a top 10 "must own at all costs" and yet finding a hard copy of it (or softcover) is impossible.

Laughingly, someone should be horsewhipped for not reprinting this book a million million times and selling it cheaply."

(T.A.'s review from 7 months ago.)

My guess is, you just changed your mind. I've seen you do that before with reviews (I like to read all your stuff, even reviews). If you want, I can attest here what other review you changed your mind about, in a quick span of time, and then deleted the discordant review. And also in which review you recently give a point of view which you would shun nowadays.

That just means I'm interested in your ideas.

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