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UFO Motors

I think people from all over the world have a right to post any thread they want any way they want to post it. The thing we must not miss here is that "IF" a thread is started and meant to obscure good information the people are smart enough to look for the real one.

Like your thread UFO. "IF" someone posted a thread and all through their delivery that kept saying "Don't do it like this other guy, do it like me" then this is a flag to start looking for what he calls the counterfeit.

It sounds like to me I need you at my website with all of those codes.

I'll bet you can really program a board to do miracles running machines too.

To me your knowledge and experience can only be highlighted by a freshman coming in to re-do the information. Also when threads are started and run by a good leader, it will thrive, while the other ones will fall far behind.

What I mean is that the people can witness the daily forward momentum in your work with motors, you keep it alive. Your work is unsurpassed. You have graphics and years of knowledge/experience, no one is like you.

No one has even come close to your thread on handling people kindly. That is the most important. The proof is right here in all of your excellent work.

Let the rest of them try to measure up in some small way. These types think we are getting to old and want to take over so I would just let them find out the hard way. It's the nature of youth.

Let them wear themselves out. I am not going to be side tracked by false information and like you say, the misinformation kronies are sent worldwide to YOUTUBE and this is part of our everyday life to sift through the lies.

It's a dirty job but it looks like we are stuck with it.

I use code blocking stuff all of the time at my site and the next thing you know THEY figured out away around it and then I am drowning in spam.

Running many controls on a website leaves you wondering what the next code bomb is going to do to it. Like an EMP pulse and it's all broken.

I don't have all of the answers.

But what I do know I can share with you. The people are smart as whips and your work is undeniably some of the best there is. You have had help I would imagine.

We are waiting for your next success, Sircounting on ya.


Originally Posted by Ufopolitics View Post
Thanks Mikey!, God bless you too!

I know Aaron is very busy,

Mikey, I write Codes on PHP, Linux and Apache Servers, My SQL Data Base etc...however, there are some 'plugins' already written that helps to save time writing codes from scratch, so it is only about adapting them to your site.

For example, look at how many "Tesla's Switches" Threads We have here?

Plus there would not be that much noise and annoying situations and faster ways to locate different threads of same content because they are crossed-linked .

This way site almost run on automatic pilot friend...

Take care friend

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