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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
Hello UFO

The admin's are overloaded all of the time and can not always decide who is ready to forgive or who is ready to call out the LAW DOGS from day to day.

The younger generation is not our generation, they do not have the same moral codes of respect and love for one another.

I grew up in the Detroit area and as a boy I was bullied and beaten til I won every fight. I was made so tough that I became the ruler in the hood.

No fighting was allowed only in a competitive light.

I would say "Leave me alone you guys and I would be hit from behind by another person.

Now I know that sounds like I am changing the subject but it really does apply to my growing up experiences AND our growing understanding as to what and who we are dealing with from day to day.

I have people hack my site in 2 minutes. The admin can only do so much, cause if you pee off the wrong brats they will cancel your site like a stamp.

The control panel or tools at any website has limits and even if there were enough mod's to go around all day checking posts, the way some peolpe write it is hard to tell what they really mean.

So this is a hard job, one that even 5- 10 Admin's could be paid enough to do.

This gets off into freedom of speech real fast and in the past I have been at sites where they just delete everything they don't understand.

My suggestion to you personally is to address the individual who is disruptive in a way that shows the group members that you are dealing with a big baby so to speak.

Disruptor's NEED attention because MUMA DADDA didn't give it to them I quess Whatever but watch me when I find a bully. I find out what they want and befriend them and butter them

If that doesn't work then I use their own words to show them their own character flaws. Dweevy Dimwits hate looking in the mirror and they will soon be gone.

Also forgiveness is a hard thing to do and we all need it so don't let it trouble you. What comes around goes around.

When all is going well someone will hit me from out of the blue, and if they are malicious they will do that to everyone they are around. Nothing they do will ever amount to anything.

Just keep up the great work and you will be rewarded.

Oh and by the way I have been giving out my Phone for years and no body wants to talk to me

My Name is Michael Rowland

I live in central Kansas and if you would like to talk to me

Phone 1-620-348-2082

If people wanted my information it is only because they want me to pray for them in the past

GOD BLESS you UFO. That is the best I can do for you.

Aaron on the other hand may have to butcher an account once in a while but only if he has to.


Thanks Mikey!, God bless you too!

I know Aaron is very busy,

Mikey, I write Codes on PHP, Linux and Apache Servers, My SQL Data Base etc...however, there are some 'plugins' already written that helps to save time writing codes from scratch, so it is only about adapting them to your site.

Aaron knows all that as well and he is looking for plugins to process them.

On another issue that I forgot to write on previous post...

Imagine that every member replicating any experiment or testing about any 'apparatus' displayed here on a Thread, decides to open his own Thread related to his 'new' findings when he makes a minor change...?

Figure out how many Threads would be here related to the same exact deal in a different color?

So, another suggestion would be that any New Threads must be approved by main Administrators, or by a written moderation code, blacklist etc, before it opens public it would be set on a "queue" standing by. And if its Content Material is related to another already existing Thread...then is not approved, or approved with some forced text on top header.

For example, look at how many "Tesla's Switches" Threads We have here?

And the main issue here is not about 'copyrights' or any rights to is about spreading same info in multiple threads, tends to get lost over time and places, so main points here, great discoveries there, new improvements somewhere else, etc... are scattered all over site and not compacted into one single thread.

There is a simple solution to this, and it is up to Thread Creator...but it could be contained within the automatic granted approval to open such 'secondary or tertiary' threads.

Eg: To cite on first page, first line "All Related Content Threads" with name/links to each one.

On the Back end panels of "Open New Thread" or "Comments" Editors/Settings, there are some blanks where users fill up with text about 'Title' and 'Thread Content' with Description/Abstract, etc,etc. Here Webmaster could write words that would trigger an automatic "approval required"...or... any comments that contains any words written by Admin, like insults, bad wording, as restraints to publish such comment/post,etc...

Some sites avoid posting links on their comments, like You Tube a while back (now you can do it) however, even the number of links could be controlled by this method on Comment Moderation...or Comments Black list.

Also a way to keep spam away from site once we know links and are written in restriction codes.

This way site almost run on automatic pilot friend...

Plus there would not be that much noise and annoying situations and faster ways to locate different threads of same content because they are crossed-linked .

Take care friend


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