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About Libel...

Hello Aaron, hello Mikey,

I have been on this Forum for over two years exposing my free Open Source Material. I have helped many, many people that never even dreamed about winding A Motor.

Since my first Thread was opened, I had all kind of attacks/insults. They are all written there still...but I kept going even though there were points that I asked Admin to close/delete Threads.

I came to E.F. to freely share my results, as all my work with my best of goodwill to help others, without asking even one single penny in return...Now, why do I have to stand all this kind of attacks without any 'Fair' intervention from the Administrating back end panel?

Lately a guy that learned every single ability he is showing now from all the work I have rendered here for over two years and attacking me in the OPEN, revealing my real identity name and last name, my personal contacts, cell number etc...

He has set in the ridicule all my work here, he has offended me personally, he has posted wrong results from my machines...confusing other members interested on this posting wrong conclusions, wrong info...and the works.

Now, may I ask...don't all this publications in the open against me constitute a Libel Case?

Yes, I know definitively they are.

And now, since everyone knows who I well as to contact me (I have NOT changed my cell number, it is my working contact number for over 20 years, all people, work/clients, family, friends surrounding my environment have that number and I will not change it!)...However, it has a Caller ID I know who and from where is calling.

I love to revert damages to success.

So, now that my name has been exposed, as well as my cell number...well, it is time for me to start reverting the damages done to myself in pure and great success

Aaron, I sent you a private message, please read it and get back to me as soon as you could, since I know you are very busy now.

The previous Admin that came to my Thread deleted the wrong posts, my posts, and his 'warning' was very 'general", not addressed straight/directly to the guy causing all this scandal and attacks against me, the creator of Thread.

This guy opened his own thread and I have not posted there a single comment.

I believe, as a Webmaster that I am as well...that this Forum should have some other 'Thread Tools' accessible only to Thread Creators, where Thread owner could decide who can post on his thread and who will not...delete offensive posts or simply any post he considers 'not suitable', 'not thread related' etc,etc.

As well this Tools will take a lot of work from you, the Site Administrators and Webmaster.

It will prevent Threads from reaching this stage of attacks and further legal actions.

If a Thread Creator does not attend/handle his/her thread properly it is completely his/her fault.

This way Threads will not contain so much noise, disruptions, attacks and deviations from the original purpose/content as all of the Threads in this Forum stand right now, full of attacks and noise.

I see a specific Thread as a Courtesy Grant from the Site/Forum owners, administrators, webmasters etc...for thread creators to be free to administer properly and suitable their own private place, just like a specific sub domain is granted under Multiple Users Blogs software like Word Press Multiple Users, (an example). And of course, the General Admin/Webmaster having the ability to override above all Thread Owners actions like banning a member from posting on entire Forum.

And again, I am talking about successful Threads, Threads that in a very short period of time has reached max number of views and attracted many, many new members that joined Forum.

It would be pretty bad that such successful threads gets closed to any new comments because of inability to be administered properly.

As well as the entire site/forum would not look good either.

Let's just say that a 'someone', anyone...opens up a new thread 'tomorrow' that contains an epic discovery...something that would change completely the way we see, look at: Free Energy, Science, Physics, Magnetism, previous discoveries that substantiate all knowledge up to now we base our 'Generation of Electricity"...and gets handled the wrong way, this way...full of attacks, offenses, stupid questioning and all kind of unnecessary noise and confusion etc,etc

Please, Aaron...take a couple of minutes and think about all this 'possibilities' my friend.

Regards and Thanks for taking your time to read all this long sorry for the length.


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