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One thing to remember, and I must say I am against Libel and Slander, but the
thing to remember is that if it is true and shown to be then it can't be libel or

I'm all for it but the help is not for everyone is it ? I would imagine it is only for
the chosen ones.

Are all accusations of being a paid shill or a paid government disinfo agent
or accusations of being a paid oil company shill ect. actionable when they
can be proved to not be true and are libelous ? Will this help those people ?

I'm all for cleaning up the filth that gets spewed onto the pages here at
times. All of it.

Now I think I've been libeled here, I may be wrong but I'm guessing the ones that I
think libeled me are now complaining because it's happened to them. The counter
suits could get interesting. I hear tell of a few people that have gathered
substantial evidence to support their case on differing matters.

This guy is more or less calling everyone that claims free energy from a
circuit a liar.

People should be careful how they word things for sure, and resist obvious
libel, like accusing people of Beastiality and such things.

First rule of gambling is only bet what you can afford to lose.

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