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Oh, really thanks for reply!
Sorry, yesterday I write here, but operation with server do not save my post.
I must try to build more powerfull prototype of system with new details. Today maybe I order new diodes with capacitors etc. At this moment my system with wrong bad elements give me about 25 volts and (not shure) 45 milliampers for 1 minute waiting from the start. System not include thyrystor and neon tube. If I touch outer contacts each other after 2-3 minutes from start I every time see good spark. And one bad news)) My multimeter died when I start system last time for checking current and voltage. This spark kill him)
My antenna in the roof-level is coaxial satellite cable about 35 meters. Ground contact is attached to central water radiator in my room in second level. After I order new elements need to try another wire on open air in my garden, and good ground contact.
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