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Cosmic Ray Detector

My transmission capabilities are very limited at present, therefore my responses are also limited.

The Tesla Cosmic Ray is something unique. Another name for it is the Le Sage Particle, which is postulated to be the cause of Gravity.

These particles are the cause of radioactivity in matter, according to Tesla.

An alternative viewpoint is given in the book "Evolution of Matter", by Dr. G. Le-Bon. Both Tesla and Le-Bon theories are in opposition to the notions of Physics.

The purpose of the Photo Tube is to provide a Secondary Emission Surface. A Le Sage Particle strikes the Photo Cathode, dis-lodging an Electron. This creating a current to the trigger in the 0A4-G. (A Western Electric 313-C will also work, but it is radioactive).

It is my theory that this will detect a Cosmic Ray, a theory only. Some other means may work better; Tesla used Almagmated Metal Plates for this. This is why I recommended starting with a conventional G-M tube.

The Capacitor size to fire the 0A4-G is based upon Capacitance, C, times Potential, e, is Dielectric Induction.
Hence a 1000 pico-Farad condenser at 100 volts has the same "charge" as a 100 pico-Farad condenser at 1000 volts, 10 pF at 10 KV, 1 pF at 100 KV, and etc.

How much charge is required to fire an 0A4-G, 313-C, etc?
Find this out for me and make a graph of Capacitance vs Voltage to fire the tube.

More to follow:


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