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The rotating iron core is not what generates Earths electricity, instead Planets are minor electrodes within a stellar discharge envelope. The electrical energy is delivered to stars and planets in the manner of a simple Faraday motor through Nut at the poles of the Earth, the hieroglyphs explain that the earth is nourished with electricity from the Galaxy, using milk as a metaphor for electricity. The Themis spacecraft recently confirmed that giant Birkeland currents connect the Earth’s upper atmosphere to the Sun. Electrically charged particles are channelled at speeds of more than a million miles per hour along twisted magnetic field lines into the earths ionosphere - Shu, where they power the auroras.

God explains how to draw electricity from the cosmos through the sun using Shu the Ionosphere and the Djed Column. Geb is represented as a collector with feathers drawn throughout his body, and the earth becomes a self repairing capacitor accumulating and storing electric charge described by Nephthys. The Earths surface and its ionosphere Shu are two conducting layers separated by an insulating medium air. When charge is placed on one conductor it attracts charge of the opposite polarity on the other conductor. As a result, an electric field is set up between the conductors, a reservoir of electrical energy. Around the equatorial region, the insulator breaks down and the capacitor short circuits, releasing the stored electrical energy that can be seen as lightning.

Earths magnetosphere contains sufficient potential energy so that the resonant excitation of the earths ionosphere cavity Shu can reasonably be expected to increase the amplitude of natural Schumann frequencies, facilitating the capture of useful electrical power. This is explained as the Was or Sceptre meaning power or amplitude to the right side of Shu the Ionosphere in the central illustration above. Isis supports structured plasma or Gods Electricity, linked by Nut to Geb at the poles of the earth, negative charge is collected by Geb in a Faraday action induced by Nephthys as the positive enclosure. The Djed column is shown as drawing power from the sun using the Ankh or Schumann Resonance, relatively small longitudinal impulses would trigger the earth-ionosphere oscillations to take place so you can tap the earth's atmospheric electrical energy. Isis and Nephthys are mirroring one another to show the equilibrium that must be maintained when charging the planet using natural Schumann resonant frequencies.

Dendera Temple in Egypt has illustrations describing the connection of our planet to structured plasma or Gods Electricity, the principal is explained by the resurrection of Osiris. The cartouche below describes the two Djed columns as the electric pump between the positive Ionosphere - Shu, linked to the cosmic grid above and the negatively charged earth below. Maat, Nuts counterpart is shown with her wings fanned inwards towards the column whilst supporting the structured plasma symbol in front of the sun, this shows us like the picture above that the Djed column receives its electrical power through birkeland currents at the poles which are linked to the ionosphere Shu.


Djed Column - Electric Egyptology

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