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Electro-U Boat Magnetic Sink and its Thermal Conversion and Dissipation

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I suspect that the use of iron in the hull of the German Electro-U Boat as a thermal heat sink and dissipator, as theorized by William Lyne, is an effect and not a cause. The cause is its absorption of magnetism generated by the permanent magnets within the Tesla Special Generator. Its effect could produce a quantity of heat which the ocean could then very conveniently remove from the hull of the vessel and thus, this heat dissipation could indirectly serve to maintain the true purpose of the vessel's hull which is as a sinkhole for magnetism.

I also suspect that there are two versions possible with this generator of Tesla:
  1. One DC version with at least one diode and all north pole magnetization at one end of the copper cylinder complimented by all south pole magnetization at the other end, versus...
  2. One AC version with no diode/s and each end of the copper tube is matched north and south pole magnetization in pairs. So, herein lies the reason for having only even number of horseshoe magnets: 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.

There's another reason for pairing the horseshoe magnets in sets of two and placing them on opposite sides of the cylinder...

The aluminum piston is already being cushioned by compressed air on all sides to prevent it from rubbing up against the inside walls of the copper cylinder (which, by the way, may also be lined with an electroplating of aluminum?). This makes use of Tesla's study of fluidic transmission systems, such as: his bladeless turbine technology. So, we don't want to make matters worse by having only one, or an odd number of, horseshoe magnet/s tilting the piston which could cause it to grate against the inside of the cylinder. Tesla claimed he had devised a generator which could last for 5,000 years without the need for maintenance. Is this the one?

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