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when the theory deceive me i go to practice, and when practical tests give nothing i went again to the theory....

ALL the electrical device around you use free energy... but they use it in a closed system compared to ambient background energy ( or ZERO POINT energy )... simply our ordinary system refuse the unlimited available ambient energy because they are designed to treat electricity like streaming water !

electricity is more complicated than we might think, FLOYD SWEET talked about multidimensional devices..........

electric energy has a multidimensional characters built in ! if you examine the energetic lines in the E-TBC you will find three important phenomena works together.

1- the magnetic field
2- the induced rotating electric field
3- the static electric field

they are ALL perpendicular to each other in an oscillating E-TBC which mean that the E-TBC is a multidimensional device.

the electron itself a multidimensional particle because it can't be seeing unless when it spin!! so it has two portion and when they are identical simply he is invisible.

THE nature give all the answers to all the questions.....
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