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Whirling dervishes...

Page 17 of Eric Dollard's "Lone Pine Writings" he mentions tubes of force. I never gave it much thought when I first heard it reading William Lyne. I would just marvel at it and move on. But now that I've bumped into copper clad aluminum wire, which reminded me of something similar to silver clad copper wire, namely: a wire whose core has greater resistance than its surface, it makes me think that the act of encouraging a tube of force can be a spiraling tube of as wide a diameter spiral as is possible?

Further on in Eric's book is magnetism wants to expand into space while dielectricity wants to contract into counter-space.

So, these clad wire types must be encouraging a magnetic expansion to liberate dielectricity from out of counter-space? Hmmmm. Certainly the opposite of making electricity disappear, but more likely to appear. That sounds like energy synthesis. While putting a large sinkhole of iron adjacent to a magnet must be dielectrical if the purpose is to extract the magnetic field from surrounding the magnet and make it disappear into the iron?

So, if we want to synthesize "free" energy, we might have to do two counter-balancing actions: one is to make one type of energy disappear to equal the appearance of another form of energy that we wish to utilize if we want our energy system to maintain an overall balance between its two opposing disequilibriums? We've just created a conceptualized whirling dervish of yang/yin committed to twirl unless we tell it to stop by removing the overall balance. Herein lies the secret to why "pulling the plug" doesn't necessarily shut down these types of systems: they become too independent of any conventional source of power coming from us once they've tapped into their own whirling dervish, contracting/expanding source of free yang/yin energy.
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