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Lone Pine Writings, by Eric Dollard

Originally Posted by Vinyasi View Post
Eric Dollard has said that ....
Without repeating myself, I can see that everything that I have mentioned in the post above is correct after reading just a few dozen pages out of part one of Eric Dollard's "Lone Pine Writings" despite the slight misquote of Eric mentioning only three out of the four ingredients to synthesizing electricity in the Tesla 2.0 video overlooking the ingredient of "space". But there is a section in that Lone Pine Writings book which talks about the factor of Dielectricity, page 34, "(II) The law of magneto-dielectric induction" which immediately reminded me of my emphasizing the rate of production of electrical energy over focusing on unit quantities of energy.

Thinking a little about what little of that book which I have read, it sounds like the magnetic draw occurring in my rendition, above, of Tesla's Generator will impact the voltage output of that generator more so than improving the current output. Somehow, that sounds to me OK since the needs of a submarine drive system is more dependent on supplying torque than speed of transit in the water, anyway.

So, either I'm misapplying Eric's wisdom, or else I'm on the right track.
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