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To repeat the method employed for solving vexing technical problems...

Originally Posted by Vinyasi View Post
The three gunas and the three doshas of Ayur Veda are axiomatic to an understanding of Creation at its most fundamental level of operation.


These three gunas of sattwa, rajas and tamas operate upon each other creating an interplay of harmonics known as the three doshas. These three doshas do not exist as causation, but as the effect of the three gunas.
I have control over action initiated by the gunas, but not over the results of action because the doshic results are a mirage - they don't exist independent of their causative gunic interplay.

I can analyze a technical mystery by analyzing its diagnostic results, but its solution requires thinking about the cause of the mystery at the core of its manifestation - at the level of the gunas. Doshas are what is diagnosed, but causation is what is infered from the doshas.

And since all gunic interplay proceeds on a rock solid bed of evenness without any hint of manifestation to begin with - purusha; pure being - awareness and familiarity with the purushic fourth guna is mandatory in a manner which is entirely innocent so that mind be not divided between attending to its base reference along with its object of focus, but remain one-pointed instead.
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