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The Negative Pressure of an Electric Field-Vacuum Enhances its Production?

Originally Posted by Vinyasi View Post
Since iron is an inexpensive and relatively efficient magnetic shield material, and since this magnetic shielding is not reflective, but is absorptive, the shielding material will act as a wave guide taking whatever direction the magnetic field would have been and guiding it along the entire geometry of the iron structure. So...

We take the hull of a German U-Boat, or the chassis of Tesla's Generator, and connect either iron shell to the crest of each horseshoe magnet opposite its north and south pole ends. Why?

To cart off the very magnetic field which the permanent magnets are - by nature - expected to produce. What happens if a magnetic field is removed? An electric field results! Generated by permanent magnets of all things! More iron attached to the crest of the horseshoe magnets means more removal of the magnetic field which they so desperately are trying to produce. More removal of magnetism, more intense will be the electric field. This is counter-intuitive to first do the opposite of what you want to eventually produce, and then invert it.

Think of thermal solar collector panels on a roof. Lot's of sunshine. Without a heat pump, those collectors will quickly reach saturation and the excess sunlight will just bounce its heat right off of those collectors out into the sky.

So, by removal of magnetic fields produced by all of these permanent horseshoe magnets (the more magnets, the merrier), the more intense will be the electric field which we are already trying to produce with the CCA winding. That's why lots of iron is needed: to act as a sink for all of that magnetic field generated by the permanent magnets, plus any magnetism which they absorb from the CCA winding.

We want an electric field, 'cuz we're powering an electric load. But we want to use iron to amplify the effect. So, iron is the last layer to this tri-metal four-layered sandwich with aluminum at its center, followed by copper, penultimately followed by permanent magnets, and finished off by an outer layer of iron.

The art of producing an amplification of an electric field may lie in drawing it out, rather than by merely pushing it out. That's what the magnets tied to the iron is for. In fact, the magnets may be producing an electric field of a negative pressure, due to the mere quantity of iron attached to each one, drawing not only the magnetic field away from the magnet's poles, but also drawing the electric field away from the copper tube.

Originally Posted by Vinyasi View Post
  1. Apana = Elimination
  2. Vyana = Circulation
  3. Samaana = Digestion
  4. Prana = Breath
  5. Udaana = Thought
The five ideal conductors of Odic Life Force...
  1. Water
  2. Metal
  3. Silk
  4. Resin
  5. Glass
And the five sheaths surrounding the soul...
  1. Physical Body
  2. Etheric Double of the Physical Body; the Life Force, or Ghost; Orgone
  3. Astral Body
  4. Concrete Mind
  5. Abstract Mind
This sounds to me like the nature of vyana prana is being adhered to: the need for circulation of electricity to become enhanced in order to induce an amplification of its production defying narrow-minded, straight-jacketed theories of limited one-to-one correspondences of cause and effect which forget that pressure - in this case, negative pressure like that of even the slightest vacuum of an electric field - can increase effect from a cause by supplementing with another cause.

The effect is the coils of wire around the tube. The initial cause is the reciprocating pistons. But the supplemental causation is the negative pressure of electric field created by the magnets being deprived of directing their brute force of magnetism at the copper tube by an interference on the part of the massive quantity of iron attached to the magnets at a point opposite their pole-ends - at the crest of their hoops.

It makes me wonder how does slathering natural shellac (my rainmaking device of my biocircuit), or Delron or Teflon (the EV Gray motor - Mark McKay), or a mixture of natural beeswax, pine rosin and 5% carnauba wax (Tesla's formula - Mark McKay, but also very popular among enthusiasts repairing the handles of their golf clubs) into the spaces surrounding the windings of a coil can duplicate this process - not be imparting anything from the ether surrounding the coils, but - by drawing it out from the space within the coils themselves.
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