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Hi wist, Hi gav, my setup has the 24awg. bifilar wound on top of the secondary and only on one half or on top of one partnered secondary coil.
It might matter gav, not sure, don't forget my ferrite cores are beads or tubes, 1-1/8" long x 3/4" outer diameter x little over 3/8" inner diamter.
As may be seen it the latest pic, i have another bifilar wound over other secondary in opposite wind direction and only using one trigger coil and it does not perform as good and current increases, probably because the inducer primaries are fighting each other a bit.
With the wiring outlined in chris sykes pdf and my schematic, the current lowers when loaded with the led bulb.
Seems like it prefers capacitive loads, so i assume the led bulb has some kind of capacitor at some point it likes.
Also, as i said, i can take one particular wire from each secondary and use those 2 wire ends to power the led bulb just as well, which means the coils are then open circuit.
Hope that helps, feel free to ask any more questions or give comments.
A picture or something might help, then i could see what you guys are doing.
peace love light

Edit: also, the secondary is 2 separate coils with a small space between the 2 coils, because they have to be wound in opposite directions.

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