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Originally Posted by Wistiti View Post
Hi sky.
I use a ferrite rod from an old radio. Wind the bifilar primary all over the lenght of the rod. I cover it with elitric tape an then the bucking over it. Did yours bifilar is over or under the bucking?
I must try to wind the primary 1/2 lenght of the rod...
Thank you!
I done the same as you did Wistiti, I also used a ferrite rod from an old radio
I think we done it wrong, I think (correct me sky?) the bifilar primary is layed over the secondary, so secondary is wound first, then the primary or bifilar is layed on top of the secondary. but only on 1 half of the secondary, not the whole length
it still impressed me. I used a circuit that I had made in the past for a joule thief, it uses a tip31 and a variable resistor (500k) and a small red led. powered by a AA battery (I have a AA holder soldered to the circuit already so I used it)
the secondary powers a large red led the size of my pinkie to full strength, not sure on the voltage of the led as I had it in a big bag of assorted leds but it puts out a lot of light

if I rewind the coil so the primary is ontop of the secondary, will it work better? or it doesn't matter? the opposite coil doesn't seem to do a lot though? I have not had time to experiment with it though, all I have done is hooked it up to see these resaults
thanks for sharing and keeping it up, I allways like seeing your experiments

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